Real Life Fiction And Other Stories

Real-Life-Fiction---cover-onlyThis volume contains three short stories of speculative fiction – Real Life Fiction, In The Heavens As On Earth and Press The Record Button. Each story explores possibilities at the end of our known world. Time travel, manipulation of reality, nuclear war, reincarnation, chance, and a host of other ideas are woven through these various stories.


Jonathan has spent his whole life trying to figure out how to make the world a better place. Now he thinks he has found a way, and he has reached out across time to the only accomplice he can trust – himself when he was just thirteen. Will his younger self believe him and help him change the future?


Jeremy’s longtime love of the Equatorial Station has gone sour. The aging space station is showing signs of neglect and decay. And Jeremy is showing all the signs of a middle-manager in decline, much to the concern of the company. This could have profound effects on Jeremy, the world, and the future of the Equatorial Station.


Some people write fiction stories, some make fictional movies, but some fiction writers actually change the lives of real life people. It’s 2030 and The Company has perfected the art of Personality Replacement. And Peter, a talented fiction writer has been tasked with the hardest assignment he’s ever faced, creating a nuclear war. But Peter can’t let this happen, not on his watch.

– 88 pages


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About the Author: I live in a little cabin tucked in the boulders in Gamma Gulch in Pioneertown, where I paint, draw and write amid the Joshua Trees, pinyon pines, blackbrush and catclaw acacias, at 4,500 feet of elevation. It’s where the hi-desert ends and the foothills begin.

My love of almost 30 years and I have lived here for a couple years now, and all the city habits from our previous urban life (in Long Beach) have all but slipped away.We dwell now with the jackrabbits and cottontails and roadrunners and lizards and coyotes and eagles and owls and scrubjays… and we have a dog named Suki who keeps me company in the studio while I create my various works of art.