Realistic Hallucinations

rh-cover-only-500pxFrom the Author’s Notes…

Welcome to the world of Realistic Hallucinations.

On one hand I have an urge to explain this book of poems, but on the other I wish it to be read without any explanation, so take your choice; read this or skip straight to the work itself.

What are these “Realistic Hallucinations” and how did they come about?

The title “Realistic Hallucinations” comes from Peter Max’s photo collages in the 1960’s, and like everything else in this book was appropriated for my own use.

These are word collages.

Just about every line in this work was composed of lines clipped, cut, pasted, and edited from a variety of pre-printed sources. I appropriated these lines from; Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Henry Kane’s Fistful of Death, Sportsman Like Driving (a drivers-ed. handbook), The J. Peterman Catalog, newspaper articles, magazines, junk mail advertisements, etc … And then I added some miscellaneous lines of my own poetry into the mix.

Sometimes I’d spend hours flipping through my sources, tearing out pages, cutting columns of text into lines of text, throwing all the various lines into a box. Then I’d spend other times grabbing small handfuls of lines, dropping them on my desk, sorting, arranging, randomly or thoughtfully, then pasting them into notebooks, each poems length usually determined by how long I stayed there working on it, a few hours or all day long.

After I had completed about half the word collages that became these poems I realized that I wanted to type them up, mostly for ease of readability…

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Research and Exploration

“Ooooooooooooh! It sparkles!”

A beautiful blend of images,
embark on a spectacular journey
through a unique celebration
of our carpets of rainbow-hued flowers
through the mist-shrouded science and technology.
When the lion’s skin will ride the white water
and roam the glaciers of science and technology.
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