– Getting Started –

youve-worked-hard3There’s just three easy steps to starting the process of turning your manuscript into a finished book.

  • First – Let’s exchange emails and find out if we’re the best people to design your book. Then let’s talk. Tell us about your book and how you envision it looking. At this point there isn’t any obligation – we’re just talking.

Important note: Is your manuscript ready to go? Has it been edited (or proofread) to your satisfaction? We are book designers and not editors, and will only approve a project to go forward once your manuscript has been edited, and is in a digital format like MS Word. We can make suggestions where to get inexpensive editing or proofreading done.

  • Second – If you’re interested in going forward we’ll put together a quote for you based on the scope of the project.
  • Third – If the quote sounds good to you, we’ll schedule your book for production! We require a 50% payment to get started on the project. You can pay us by check or Paypal. We’ll all sign a simple contract by mail settling the basic legal details and we’ll ask you to email us your manuscript and any materials necessary for the book.

It’s important to note at this point that you maintain all copyrights to your manuscript, project assets (photos, images, etc.), and finished book.

And that’s it. Your book project is scheduled, and we begin working on ideas for the book’s design, layout and cover.

Tell us about your book and let’s get started!