– Book Design and Layout –

independent-publishers-tspBook Design Process

This is where the fun begins for us. We love the process of creating a design for a book. During this process we’ll design several interiors for your book consisting of a title page and the first few pages of the first chapter.

We’ll email PDFs for you to look over and choose your favorite design. Once we’ve settled on a design you love we’ll get started on laying out the book.

During this time we will also be working on ideas for the front cover.

Laying Out Your Book

There are many steps in the process of laying out a book design—lots of little things you’ll never have to concern yourself with, because we’ll be taking care of that for you. Depending on the complexity of the layout, the process could take a week or up to six weeks. We will keep you posted as we progress via email.




Proofreading Your Book

Once your book has been laid out, including all front and back matter such as copyright pages, title pages, dedication pages, acknowledgments, table of contents, introduction, preface, index, etc., we will send you a PDF of the book for your review.

When you get your PDF, print it out. You will need to carefully go over the book page by page to make sure everything is exactly as you want to see it in the final book. On the pages you printed out, mark every little thing that needs changing.

Then Priority Mail (USPS) the printed pages to us and we’ll make any necessary corrections.

We’ll send you another PDF after all the corrections have been made.

Proof Copy!

14264945_10210623284127254_9094543977134054940_nIf everything looks good, including the cover design—it’s time to order a proof copy! The printing and shipping process can take up to several weeks, and you will be sent a copy of the book, as it will look, at no extra charge.

For the first time you get to hold a copy of your book in your hands!

Once again it’s time to proofread your book. Look over every page. It’s easier to see things you might have missed now that it’s bound and in book form.

Email us with any last corrections. We’ll email back a corrected PDF.

Book Approval and Publishing!

We will also email you an approval form that your book is ready to be printed. You can mail that back to us along with the final payment.

Once the final payment is received we will upload all necessary files to Lulu.com and complete the steps of the online publishing process. We will send you a direct link to your book as soon as it is available!

This is the point where we get to say, “Congratulations! You’re a published author!”

And then you get a FREE book website
designed for you at no extra cost!