– Fees –

youve-worked-hard-tspEvery book is different, and every book design project is different.

Designing a novel is much different from designing a non-fiction book with numerous illustrations. Consequently, the fees listed here are just a guideline, and we’ll have to look over your unique project before giving you a final estimate.

For a standard paperback or hardback novel, printed in black and white, we charge a base fee of $150, and $0.015 per word.

Cover design is included at no extra cost, and includes three design ideas to choose from…

For example – a 60,000 word novel would cost $1050 for a completed book, with a proof copy of your book and a book website included!

(60,000 x $0.015) + $150 [ base fee ] = $1050

Half of the fee is required to begin the process, and the second half is required when the book design is complete, before publishing final book. We accept checks and all major credit cards through Paypal.

Keep the profits!

After your book is published on Lulu.com and starts selling, you keep all the profits. Lulu.com sends out revenue checks every quarter, and you get 100% of the revenue from the sale of your book.

Tell us about your book and let’s get started!